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Watch me! Sharing life, opening the Bible.

Using audio from DA Carson, this short video challenges us from the Bible how we must be sharing our lives, opening up the Bible and changing generations as we point them to Jesus.


This is an audio recording of a seminar held in Bristol, England, in 2014. The seminar looks at why we should seek to open the Bible with non-Christians, and how we can use 'The Word One-to-One' to do this. Also available as an audio file below.

WORD 121 David & Libby

David & Libby share their experiences of using the Word 121.

Sharing the gospel in our own context

Reading the Bible and sharing the gospel with our work colleagues and friends may seem to be a daunting prospect. Richard Borgonon encourages us in this inspiring talk to believe differently and explains how we can be doing this in our own workplaces and shares some exciting stories along the way.

Life at Work: an interview with Richard Borgonon

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