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The Word One to One is available to buy from 10ofThose.

To buy resources CLICK HERE. Each pack contains 2 copies of each book, one for you and one for your friend. So if your church needs 50 copies, buy 25 packs.

By buying The Word One to One you will also be helping:

  • Further editions on different books of the Bible.
  • Free copies of the resource for those who couldn’t otherwise afford them.

To buy in the USA please click here

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The Word One to One has been used by many people around the world. To assist the worldwide church we are making the resource available for free! You can download the resource in full colour, to use on a tablet or laptop. You can also print them out (we suggest doing this in black and white).

These documents are formatted to A4 paper, when printing on US letter be sure to check the “fit to page” or “scale to fit” button in the print dialogue box.


This is an audio recording of a seminar held in Bristol, England, in 2014. The seminar looks at why we should seek to open the Bible with non-Christians, and how we can use 'The Word One-to-One' to do this.

Seminar video on Sharing the Gospel in Our Own Context

Traditional Chinese